Investment Manager

L1 Capital is an independent global investment manager. The business is 100% owned by our staff and all members of the investment team are invested alongside clients.

Delivering superior investment performance requires discipline and focus. The following attributes give L1 Capital that competitive edge:

Complete alignment with clients

  • Investment team has the bulk of their personal wealth invested alongside clients
  • L1 funds are capped at FUM levels below peers to enable strong ongoing alpha generation
  • Performance fees are only payable by generating strong returns to clients

Focused, high quality investment team

  • Founders have an outstanding track record with 30 years of combined success
  • Exceptional network of contacts across all industries
  • Very stable investment team

Proven, repeatable investment approach

  • Proven investment approach through a variety of market environments
  • Detailed assessment of company financials, management quality, industry structure, operating trends and balance sheet
  • Extensive company visitation program